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Insight Loop Workshop from Code by Refactoring


We want you to run this workshop for others, including within companies. In fact, that’s where it would be most useful!

Additionally, we’ve found a bunch of ways to teach this material that don’t work. We want Code by Refactoring to mean something—to be effective. Our facilitator guide shows you a way to do it that will work, even with normal variation. We want people to generally follow that guide, so that they will teach something that works.

This license is an attempt to meet these intentions. If you feel it does not meet our intention, please contact legal@digdeeproots.com. We would be happy to consider recommendations.


The legally-binding license begins here.

Code by Refactoring Insight Loop Workshop and all supporting materials (together, the “Workshop”) are Copyright @copy; 2019, Dig Deep Roots, LLC (DBA Deep Roots).

You are licensed to perform the workshop or use the materials as defined in Creative Commons LicenseCreative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Permissions beyond the scope of this license are granted as follows.

Free performance within organizations

You may perform the Workshop at any time, so long as:

a. all attendees of the Workshop are from the same company or organization. b. you are a paid employee of the organization, performing the Workshop as part of your normal job function. c. You meet all other criteria for the license, including attribution.

Re-use of videos outside workshop

All materials are licensed for use in the Workshop. Materials may be used or played after the Workshop as long as the audience has participated in the workshop.

You may refer to video concepts such as “Safe, Better, No Worse” and “Insight Loop” outside of the workshop context.

Materials explicitly marked to be allowed in a non-workshop context may be used as indicated.